Why Text Message (SMS) Marketing?

  • Text marketing IF DONE CORRECTLY & WITH AN ETHICALLY SOUND COMPANY is permission based!

  • 97% Open rate WITHIN MINUTES!

  • You don’t have to be a marketing professional to send a campaign

  • Affordable and unparalleled Return-On-Investment!

  • You can use text marketing to capture email addresses and track other ad performance while building your own list of customers you can send a text to anytime!

  • 14.06% CTR (click-through rate) & an 8.22% conversion rate; DWARFING the 6.64% CTR & 1.73% conversion rate of email

  • Text Marketing has 10x greater response than Internet display ads

  • Americans send 26 BILLION text messages everyday! They are already receiving texts, why not one enticing them to come to your business!

  • The number of texts sent each day in America has grown 23% since 2016. It’s the same growth rate for texts sent each week, month, and year

  • Americans spend 2X more time texting than emailing on their phones.



Facts pictured are from 2012!!

The numbers have skyrocketed from there!!

So, Why Manic Mobile?


What separates us from the rest is our uncanny ability to assist you in getting your customers permission to send them information about your business directly to their cellphone! This could be daily specials, weekly specials, contests/giveaways, appointment reminders, hours updates, special closing notices, anything! Every plan includes unlimited sign design for anytime you want to change the look of your sign or special advertised. Rest assured that your account representative is a seasoned mobile marketing professional whom is always there to assist, and only a phone call or email away. Your success is our success, and we will always treat it that way. We have a vested interest in it, and that is why our account executives receive half of the monthly billing after account expenditures each month for as long as you remain a client!

We are committed to long term growth and success all while maintaining a local presence! We are the missing piece!