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Small businesses can now take

THE WINNING EDGE on marketing technique


Watch our new quick video which sums it up best!



SMS Text Message Marketing tops the charts!

Text Message Marketing is literally the ONLY method that can achieve a 98% open rate with 95% opening the message in the 1st 3 MINUTES of being received! (Forbes).

SMS Text Messages
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Text Messages Read on average


Text Messages read within 3 min

Avg text response time (in seconds)


Average American Checks Phone Daily

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Here are some of our most


How long is the contract for services?


Believe it or not, we are one of the few to offer no-contract month-to-month services to our clients!

We don’t want anybody to feel pressured into having to be with us if they are unhappy for any reason.

We are confident our services and customer service will deliver the results each client truly desires and more.


No Contract Month-To-Month

How quickly will my account be setup?


Just about Immediately!

As soon as you put in your business and payment details, your portal will be created.

As soon as you setup your first call-to-action campaign, your campaign and services are LIVE!  We will create your digital signage to your liking.  We do ask that if you create your own, send it to us to make sure any needed compliance information is on it before pushing your sign out to the public.

We are always here to assist with any questions or needs you may have, and we made sure to pack your mobile platform full of training/tutorial videos for those that are visual learners and the hands-on type! 


Instant Setup! No Wait!

Are there any businesses this wouldn't work well with?

It would definitely take some clever thought to figure out a business that couldn’t benefit!

Do you have a business in which you don’t have customers and those customers don’t have cell phones? Far Fetched huh?

That is about the only way it wouldn’t work! Every business should have customers they would like to see more often,

and those customers should have cell phones. Why would you not want to reach them both directly and instantly

especially when they want it and gave you permission? We make getting their permission simple!


Will this work for me?


Services We Provide

Text Message Marketing Services

Arguably the most simplest and personal form of communication in use today (other than in person or phone call).  Thats why most people text and why text message marketing campaigns to an opted-in list of subscribers has proven to be the most effective.  We help you master this technique in building a substantial sized database of customers who gave their IMPLIED CONSENT to hear from your business directly via text message.  It should come as no surprise that this form of marketing will top the charts for decades to come with cell phones outnumbering all other electronics such as computers 4-1, more daily "necessities" centering around the cell phone, and Return-On-Investments ranging from 3,000%-10,000+ on a monthly basis when utilized correctly!

Traditional | Digital | Mobile Ad Consult & Analysis

We will take a look at your current strategy and break everything down to you.  Manic Mobile knows numbers.  We take an analytical, common sense approach to help you maximize your budget and trim out the things you don't need or aren't helping you. Our service can be customized however you need it, so don't think that the packages listed below are all we have!  Far from it! In fact, our service is SO INEXPENSIVE  that we generally recommend keeping everything in place in order to give your new text message marketing program a big boost, but we explain all that when talking one on one..

Additional Digital Marketing Services

Website and Mobile Website Design, Social Media Ads, and NOW offering video ads! We assist in the creation and placement of any digital ads, particularly those dealing with our state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform.  Not only have we mastered the art of designing eye catching digital ads, but we also design, print, and promote traditional print ads.  Manic Mobile is your one stop shop for all of your marketing needs, particularly your digital marketing needs!

Additional Digital Marketing Services

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all plans are billed monthly and there is NO CONTRACT!
$ 75
Bronze 1000 Plan

1000 Outbound Texts Free Incoming Texts Up to 4 Keywords 1 Shortcode (72727 or 63975) 1 User Login Account Free Sign Design 24/7 Support 5.5c per text over 1000 $149 Registration Fee

$ 150
Silver 3000 Plan

3000 Outbound Texts Incoming Texts are Free 6 Keywords 1 Shortcode 1 User Account Free Sign Design 24/7 Support 4.5c per text over 3000 $149 Registration Fee

$ 225
Gold 6000 Plan

6000 Outbound Texts Incoming Texts are Free 8 Keywords 1 Shortcode 2 User Accounts Free Sign Design 24/7 Support 3.5c per text over 6000 $149 Registration Fee

$ 300
Platinum 10,000 Plan

10,000 Outbound Texts Free Incoming Texts Up to 12 Keywords 1 Shortcode (72727 or 63975) Up to 4 User Login Accounts Free Sign Design 24/7 Support 5.5c per text over 1000 $149 Registration Fee

Why choose us?
We strongly believe we have the most user-friendly online platform that can be accessed anytime via phone or internet browser.  
You can reach out to us anytime with any questions, concerns, or requests and we always try to respond within the hour.  
We have branded our platform as the Mid-South's Most Robust Mobile Marketing Platform for a reason, because we think that is what it is & others have told us just that! Subscribe to our mailing list below & we will be sure to let you know about any important updates & article releases!